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    • Trax Action | Unusual Fantasies For You | Anal Invasion

      Hard Arm Fisting

      Release Year: 2018
      Cast: Jace Eros, Luka Sage
      Genres: Boots, Fetish/Kink, Fisting/Handballing, Piercing, Rimming
      Video language: English

      Jace Eros is ready to go out with a bang. When Luka Sage offers to give him the ride of his life with a fist up his ass, Jace doesn't even hesitate to bend over. Luka likes what he sees and lubes up his gloved hands to slip his fingers deep into Jace's fuzzy hole. Luka works his way up to getting his whole fist inside the soldier. It's a tight fit because Jace has never done this before, but with a lot of maneuvering and lots of twisting action, Luka is able to get wrist deep inside the newbie. After getting in deep, Luka wants to see Jace fist himself so Jace throws on a glove and gets his hand slicked up. He takes it to the limits as Luka coaches him from behind and when Luka is convinced Jace is as stretched as he can be, he takes over one last time. He can see that Jace is on the brink of needing to cum so he stands up and sticks his cock in the soldier's face. That's all it takes for Jace to let go and he blasts a load of jizz all over the floor. Why bother cleaning it up if the world is ending anyway?

      Format: mp4
      Duration: 24:43
      Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 6606kbps
      Audio: 187kbps

      File size: 1.2 GB

      Download Hard Arm Fisting
    • Club Amateur USA Pack featuring Gracen Volume I

      Club Amateur USA Pack featuring Gracen Volume I

      Release Year: 2018

      Club Amateur USA Causa Pack featuring Gracen (The I-can't-believe-how-big-it-is Edition), Volume I

      Where do I begin. So many thoughts wafting through my brain since this shoot (501). If one guy defined ClubAmateurUSA videos and the CAUSA massage table sexperience in the first 500 videos, it was Geoff, and today, I believe defining the next era & the next 500 videos, Gracen is our guy. During the post-massage dialog, I got a little choked up when comparing Geoff's first time to Gracen's - the similarities are beyond heartening. Here we have two young men from very diverse backgrounds who had one thing in common - having faced mortality during combat tours in the US military in the context of two wars.

      Today, they now have in common a first-time sexperience that redefined Geoff's sexuality, and I believe, will redefine Gracen's, moving forward. As with Geoff, from the first run of my fingertips along Gracen's exquisitely defined body, the nerve endings across his entire body were on fire. I don't ever recall witnessing another full-body "goose bumps" moment. In that moment and throughout the next hour, Gracen was lit up light the proverbial Christmas tree. What I did not realize until he told me afterward, with every fiber of his beautiful being, Gracen fought to stave off premature ejaculation from the very moment that my hands caressed his taut, brown skin. A sight to behold.

      At an hour and 43 minutes, there's not much that I left out of this edit. As I've said before, there's a trinity to my content, and this video with Gracen exemplifies that concept. Speaking of. After the shoot was completed, Gracen composed himself, and we were sitting and chatting, he asked me, "What is the big picture here? I'm trying to understand." I pointed to the studio room and said, "What just happened in that room is the 'big picture'. What you just experienced is what it's all about. You and I do not know just how many lives may be changed, literally all over the world, because of what you just shared with all of us, and someone who sees this video may personally identify with your life's journey."

      As I said to Gracen and I've always said, I'm changing the world one straight guy at a time. When that guy leaves after his first-time sexperience, he will be a different person when he sits in his church pew, enters the voting booth, engages with his wife or girlfriend. His definition of a "man" and what it means to live an authentic life will have been redefined. Gracen simply replied, "Wow, man, that's beautiful." And Gracen is also beautiful inside and out, and I've no doubt that you all will want to continue with Gracen on his journey of sexploration. This, his first video (501), is the penultimate expression of ClubAmateurUSA content. Enjoy!

      Total size: 8.7 GB in 6 files.

      Download Club Amateur USA Pack featuring Gracen Volume I
    • Hardcore fisting action

      Hardcore fisting action

      Release Year: 1998
      Cast: Ponyboy Spike, Cory Jay, Eel, Cole Tucker, Armstrong Stoker and Eric Michaels
      Genres: BDSM, Fetish, Leather, Hairy, Muscles, Dildo, Toys, Strap-on, Buttplay, Extreme Penetration, Fisting, Rimming, Tattoos
      Video language: English

      Superstar Cory Jay and Cole Tucker lead an all-star cast of handball hedonists in the Acres of Ass Bundle! Get ready for three hours of sweaty, ball-busting, hardcore action featuring leather hoods, tit clamps, huge dildos, restraints, jocks, cigars, hungry holes and pounding fists! We know you like ass and we've got Acres of it!

      Format: lavfpref
      Duration: 1:20:23
      Video: 640x480, MP4V, 1024kbps
      Audio: 124kbps

      File size: 679.1 MB

      Download Hardcore fisting action
    • RagingStallion - Toolbox Trilogy - Drilled

      RagingStallion - Toolbox Trilogy - Drilled

      Raging Stallion head honcho Chris Ward built his career by being one of America's great fisting performers and directors. For almost ten years his films have been considered the top entries in the growing field of handball films and his legendary status has grown with each new release. As Ward has often said, "fisting is not just a product--it is a lifestyle! " Fisting films made by fisting men--this is the key to why Raging Stallion ranks as one of the top handball studios today! And now, America's most hailed hardcore director has released what can only be considered his Fisting Masterpiece: his first trilogy since his classic Powerfist set. Without a doubt, each of the three movies in this new collection (titled Drilled, Hammered, and Screwed) will set the hardcore standard for years to cum! Raging Stallion will be releasing each installment of the Tool Box Trilogy every 30 or so days all summer long! Each movie is well over two hours of top-quality material that only Raging Stallion can deliver: new men, stunning performances, excellent action, and Hollywood-quality filmmaking all combine to bring you the fisting collection of the year! If you have ever enjoyed a Chris Ward movie, you must purchase this set--it is simply the finest work of his long career.

      Format: avi
      Duration: 1:59:32
      Video: 720x538, Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2, 1645kbps
      Audio: 312kbps

      File size: 1.7 GB

      Download RagingStallion - Toolbox Trilogy - Drilled
    • Warwick Rowers Making of 2018 Calendar

      Warwick Rowers Making of 2018 Calendar

      It's here! It's finally here!
      I give you, The Warwick Rowers 2018 making of.

      Lots of dicks, lots of fun!

      And since this calendar is for a good cause, please don't forget to purchase the film or anything you want from their website to support their cause!

      Format: mkv (Matroska)
      Duration: 59:56
      Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

      File size: 1.7 GB

      Download Warwick Rowers Making of 2018 Calendar
    • Jockstrap Hotel Hookup Raw

      Jockstrap Hotel Hookup Raw

      Studio: Stockydudes

      Hey it's Brandon Ramm here and I wanted to personally tell you about this scene I shot because well, I ended up so horny while filming it I had to jump in! Chubby stud Craig Cruz, the monster hung chaser Brock Fulton, and everyone's favorite new cub Zeke Johnson decided they wanted to have me film them in a hot hotel hookup session wearing jockstraps. Who is going to say no to that?!

      Format: mp4
      Duration: 31:46
      Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2241kbps
      Audio: 91kbps

      File size: 543.9 MB

      Download Jockstrap Hotel Hookup Raw
    • Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab, Scene 02

      Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab, Scene 02

      Release Year: 2018
      Cast: Hugh Hunter, Teddy Bryce
      Genres: Fisting/Handballing, Rosebud, Tattoos, Fingering, Rimming, Boots, Cumshots
      Video language: English

      Dr. FrankenFuck's creation, Teddy Bryce, wakes up upside down on a laboratory chair and realizes he's in for his final treatment from Dr. FrankenFuck (Hugh Hunter). Teddy is a little scared because he's not sure what the final treatment will be. 'Do you see this left fist?' the Doctor asks. 'Well, there's also a right fist,' he explains. With that, Teddy knows what he's in for and spreads his legs wide to let the Doctor inside. Dr. FrankenFuck starts by going wrist deep with his left fist and spins inside his monster to give him the ultimate pleasure. When he pulls his hand out, Teddy's asshole is gaping with a massive rosebud that protrudes from the rest of his ass. The Doctor wants to keep his monster intact and pushes his asshole back inside with his right fist. 'monster hungry!' Teddy screams out as the Doctor pushes his giant fist deeper inside to feed the monster's most primal urges. When the Doctor sees that Teddy is in the throes of full , he alternates fists, one after the other, going deeper inside as Teddy screams out in satisfaction. As part of Teddy's final treatment, the Doctor has him stroke his stiff cock. 'Enjoy it, beautiful,' the Doctor says just as he pulls his fist out and gives the okay for Teddy to blow his load all over his own hot, tatted body. Even in Dr. FrankenFuck's lab, there can be happy endings.

      Format: mp4
      Duration: 26:06
      Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3056kbps
      Audio: 187kbps

      File size: 621.9 MB

      Download Dr. FrankenFuck's Fist Lab, Scene 02
    • Skuff II: Downright Filthy, Bonus Hot Disc

      Skuff II: Downright Filthy, Bonus Hot Disc

      Release Year: 2003
      Studio: Hot House Video
      Cast: Alex Collack, Collin O'Neal, Dick Wolf, Joe Foster, Jacob Scott, Daxx Reed, Filippo Romano, Rob Anthony, Andy Hunter, Arpad Miklos, Cody Scott
      Genres: Abuse, Muscle Men, Butt Play, Fisting, Leather, Masturbation, Solo, Orgy Scene
      Video language: English

      The plot of this video is very interesting. Watch and enjoy.

      Format: Windows Media
      Duration: 46:15
      Video: 480x360, Windows Media Video 9, 1220kbps
      Audio: 62kbps

      File size: 419.3 MB

      Download Skuff II: Downright Filthy, Bonus Hot Disc
    • Big Bad Wolf, Scene #01

      Big Bad Wolf, Scene #01

      Release Year: 2018
      Cast: Mitch Vaughn, Dolan Wolf
      Genres: Boots, Dildos/Toys, Fisting/Handballing, Fetish/Kink, Jockstraps, Rosebud
      Video language: English

      Dolan proves he's the biggest baddest Wolf in town when he opens his hole to muscular fisting top Mitch Vaughn. Vaughn pulls out a new invention: a retractable metal rod with a 15 lb dildo the size of a man's arm attached to one end. He fills Vaughn's wolf-hole with lube and slowly inserts the mammoth cock. Shockingly Wolf takes the entire thing deep into his hungry ass. Now that Wolf's hole is properly stretched Vaughn abandons the toys and shoves his hand up his ass. The furry bottom begs Vaughn to fist him harder so he pummel fucks him with both fists until Wolf produces a giant rosebud. Mitch pulls on his own fat cock until he shoots a massive load all over the sex club floor.

      Format: mp4
      Duration: 20:18
      Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4703kbps
      Audio: 148kbps

      File size: 722.2 MB

      Download Big Bad Wolf, Scene #01
    • Cazzo - Berlin Kink

      Cazzo - Berlin Kink

      Release Year: 2017
      Video language: English

      German pigs from Berlin in their most rough form. Massive dildos abuse shaven holes, just before the rock hard cocks (and fists!) push their way in. Some piss play to complete the fetish show is also included!

      Format: avi
      Duration: 1:26:47
      Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3124kbps
      Audio: 187kbps

      File size: 2.1 GB

      Download Cazzo - Berlin Kink
    • Deep Hole Dungeon, Scene #05

      Deep Hole Dungeon, Scene #05

      Release Year: 2018
      Cast: Gage Lennox, Joey D, Issac Lin
      Genres: Anal, Boots, Buttmachines, Dildos/Toys, Fetish/Kink, Jockstraps, Oral, Piercing
      Video language: English

      Hairy, muscular Gage Lennox and smooth, lean Issac Lin show off their asses to big, beefy Joey D. Joey has a special surprise for their training session today: twin fucking machines! But first, the boys need to service Joey's cock. They take turns choking on Joey's fat, hard meat, eager to do whatever it takes to please him. Before using the fucking machines to fill their asses, Joey makes Gage and Issac lube up their dildos by showing off their cocksucking skills. When Issac's dong is ready, Joey spins him around and guides the big, black dildo into his hole. As Issac watches, Joey slides his cock into Gage's hole and fucks him as Gage continues to practice his cocksucking on the fucking machine. Saliva drips from Gage's mouth to the floor, forming into a sloppy puddle. With Gage's hole opened up, Joey spins him around and guides him onto the fucking machine. The speed ramps up as Joey feeds his cock to Issac, then to Gage. Joey has one more trick in this session to destroy Joey and Gage's holes. Joey reconfigures the fucking machines so that they penetrate straight up into the air, penetrating more deeply than ever into their eager holes. As the machines reach the limit of their abilities, the boys start begging for daddy's fist - and Joey is eager to give it to them!

      Format: mp4
      Duration: 27:52
      Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 6513kbps
      Audio: 185kbps

      File size: 1.3 GB

      Download Deep Hole Dungeon, Scene #05
    • Boxer Barcelona - Fist 'N' Fuck Orgy - (2010 Year)

      Boxer Barcelona - Fist 'N' Fuck Orgy - (2010 Year)

      Macanao Torres and Kid Chocolate start a new working day at Boxer Barcelona Fetish Shop. It's a rainy morning and it's seems it's going to be a quiet day. But all of the sudden many clients go into the shop to put both attendants in a test. The first client to arrive to the shop is David Novak. He wants to buy a skin head T-shirt to go to the fetish party ExtremoBerlin at disco Martin's in Barcelona. Kid Chocolate and Macanao Torres help him to choose the right one and they get very horny with touching his hairy chest and his tight jeans.

      Format: avi
      Duration: 1:44:25
      Video: 720x576, XviD, 1601kbps
      Audio: 187kbps

      File size: 1.3 GB

      Download Boxer Barcelona - Fist 'N' Fuck Orgy - (2010 Year)
    • Fist-pigs in return orgy

      Fist-pigs in return orgy

      Release Year: 2009
      Cast: Jackson Lawless, James Aaron, Tucker Forrest, Tony Vega, Scott Tanner, Alessio Romero, Ray Dalton, Evan Matthews
      Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Leather Fetish, Fisting, Buttplay, Tattoos, Cumshot, Jockstrap, Anal Toy's, Cumshot
      Video language: English

      Immediately recognizable by the ring of fire tattoo around his puckered hole, newcomer James Aaron serves up his big white ass to hungry daddy Ray Dalton. Dalton wastes no time lubing up his gloved hands and pawing at Aaron's fiery rosebud. When Dalton rests his elbow on the sex bench, Aaron lowers himself onto the man's fist in a sexual exercise of fisting expertise well beyond the younger man's years! Dalton jacks off his thick pierced cock and blows his load all over Aaron's face.
      Masculine Latino fisting top Alessio Romero begins his onslaught on insatiable Jackson Lawless by feeding him his fat uncut cock. Romero quickly turns his attention to Lawless' round white ass and tight hole shoving his fist deep inside. Lawless assumes several different positions allowing Romero to keep plunging his fat paws deep in Lawless' puckered rosebud, taking Lawless to new levels of pleasure. The enthusiasm Lawless shows for Romero's deep fists keeps Romero's cock hard throughout the session until they both jack off and shoot their loads.
      James Aaron shows off his unique talents that won him the coveted title "exclusive" in this scorching hot solo scene. He grabs a fist full of lube and begins by sitting down on a series of fat butt-plugs, priming his hole for his own fist. The horny stud contorts himself until his whole fist goes right up his ass. Never satisfied he grabs an eye-popping foot long dildo and shoves it deep in his hole, causing his puckered hole to produce a fat juicy rosebud. Join him now, exclusively in the Club Inferno Dungeon.
      Don't be deceived by newcomer Tucker Forrest's innocent, boyish appearance. Scott Tanner finds the fresh-faced horn working his hole with a fat dildo too big for a beginner. Tanner selects a series of giant butt toys and anal beads each bigger than the one before it, designed to test Forrest's anal limits. Forrest rises to the occasion by flipping over and spreading his ass cheeks to reveal a perfectly round gaping hole, begging for more. Finally all the intense butt play makes both men so hard they whip out their huge cocks and jack off, blowing their loads all over Forrest's neoprene vest!
      Power-bottoms Evan Matthews and James Aaron make out while Alessio Romero and Tony Vega plow their holes with enormous dildos. The experienced players switch positions creating a fist train. Vega takes the lead allowing Evans to pummel his hole while Aaron falls in line behind Evans and fists him. Romero brings up the rear, expertly punch-fucking Aaron's tattooed hole. Next our rosebud popping pros break off to get personal attention to their insatiable holes. After a series of acrobatic positions and eye-popping fisting, the hung tops pull on their fat cocks and blow hot loads."

      Format: avi
      Duration: 2:24:52
      Video: 720x480, DivX 4, 920kbps
      Audio: 187kbps

      File size: 1.2 GB

      Download Fist-pigs in return orgy
    • Gluteus Maxxximus

      Gluteus Maxxximus

      Release Year: 2006
      Genres: bareback, felching, fetish, fisting, hung, leather, oral, porn, rimming, swallow, toys, watersport
      Video language: English

      This vid's all about ass play. If it'll fit and give pleasure, it's inserted and ridden. Steve Pierce gets his hot ass lubed up and has billiard balls shoved up it, one right after the other. Then when that isn't enough, he and Mac Darwin go back to back, ramming a huge black double headed dildo up their greasy asses.

      Format: avi
      Duration: 1:59:28
      Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 960kbps
      Audio: 125kbps

      File size: 959.8 MB

      Download Gluteus Maxxximus
    • Taketheplunge


      Studio: Hot House

      In Take the Plunge, Brock Austin, an experienced handballer, has been looking for a young mentor like Sebastian Keys. Keys first les involves one of Austins favorite toys, the anal beads. Austin kicks back and opens his hole to receive the giant orbs, coaching Keys to take the handle in his mouth and tug. As soon as the beads pop out Keys puts on the rubber gloves; time for les two, fisting. Austin realizes hes met his match as Keys slowly inserts his entire fist and twists his arm, massaging Austins guts like a pro. The les gets twisted when Keys stands over Austin and puts his fist in his ass only to have Austin reach up and fist his students fresh hole. Its a double-fisting-frenzy that must be seen to be believed.
      Get ready for a competition unlike any other youve ever seen before when ass-play champions Evan Matthews and Trent Bloom Take The Plunge. The object of the game: see who can sit down farther on a full-size traffic cone. Both men lube up their holes, squat over the cones, and take one-third of their cones with no problem. Trent pushes a bit harder and swallows half his cone. Not to be outdone Evan does the same. After applying more lube to his greedy rosebud, Trent sits down and more than two-thirds of the cone disappears up his ass. We have a winner! Trent claims his prize: Evans hungry hole. He shoves his fist up Evans ass to the elbow and massages his guts until Evan pops his legendary rosebud. Trent punch-fucks his buddys cavernous hole like a fiend then switches places with Evan. Trent wants both of Evans fists up his ass. Evan shoves both fists deep inside Trents hole and power-fucks him until the greedy pig-bottom cant take any more.
      Sebastian Keys and Brock Austin are still going at it hard and heavy when Trent Bloom joins the action. The talented fist-pig grabs a huge dildo and rams it right up Brocks ass while Brock works his fist in and out of Sebastians fresh hole. Sebastian knows that Trents an infamous fisting bottom and he wants to see what all the hype is about. He jumps down and works his hand into Trents hole. His anal probing drives Trent wild; he opens his hole and swallows Sebastians fist and forearm. Before he realizes whats happening, Sebastians entire arm is up Trents ass to the elbow! Brocks ass has taken all the abuse it can for one day but Trent and Sebastian are just getting warmed up. They leave together to continue their assplay somewhere else.
      Jessie Balboa takes his job as fisting mentor very seriously. He intends to stretch out Brian Bonds hole no matter what it takes. He pries the young studs ass open with his gloved fingers and picks up an enormous dildo. Bonds eyes pop out of his head, theres no way he can take it, at least thats what he thinks. The maniacal Balboa shoves the 18" x 9" fake cock in Bonds ass and works him over hard. Balboa rewards Bonds by offering up his own giant ass. Bonds massages his mentors hole and works one fist, then two up inside Balboas hungry hole. Bonds decides to take the plunge; he gets Balboa on all fours and inserts his entire arm to the elbow deep inside Balboas guts!

      Format: avi
      Duration: 1:28:14
      Video: 1920x1080, xvid, 6798kbps
      Audio: 312kbps

      File size: 4.5 GB

      Download Taketheplunge
    • Sekret

      Release Year: 2014
      Studio: United Pigs
      Genres: Scat, BDSM, Fetish, Unusual, Furting, Feed, Feeding
      Video language: English

      Attention: It is scat time again.
      See this great United Pigs movie and get all the scat fetish
      with dirty ass licking, shit eating, pissing, bareback sex, furting and many more.
      It's really dirty.

      Format: Windows Media
      Duration: 2:07:19
      Video: 1920x1080, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 4390kbps
      Audio: 250kbps

      File size: 3.7 GB

      Download Sekret
    • Mark Meets Zeb The Texas Two-Step

      Mark Meets Zeb The Texas Two-Step

      Release Year: 2007
      Studio: Zeb Atlas Productions
      Cast: Zeb Atlas, Mark Dalton

      There is no sex in this film. He is closer to the genre of "erotic". The only "liberty", which the actors went to, is masturbation. For fans of pumping, with the grace of showing their magnificent brave bodies.

      Format: avi
      Duration: 1:34:29
      Video: 704x400, DivX 5, 1917kbps
      Audio: 93kbps

      File size: 1.4 GB

      Download Mark Meets Zeb The Texas Two-Step
    • Fisting Ranch Hands

      Fisting Ranch Hands

      Studio: Red Eagle Films

      On a secret ranch in the wild, wild west, the ranch hands are always busy. When young Jackson Lawless hears about it, he is eager to earn a spot as one of the ranch hands. In order to do so, foreman Bryce Pierce, tells Lawless that he must prove that he can take a fist before the day is over. Lawless seeks out fisting stud Will Andrews who takes Lawless on a journey of discovery and teaches him all the "ins and outs" of the art of fisting. Along with a helping hand from Master Paul Stag not to mention his massive 10-inch cock, and impressive demonstrations by elbow-deep bottom, Rick Powers, and the other men on the fisting ranch, Lawless ends up getting what he wished for and more.

      In the first scene we discover how Pierce keeps his ranch hands ever ready, by testing the ability of Will Andrews amazing ass. He fists him in every possible position directly at the stables on a bale of hay. The happy smile never fades from Andrews face as Cole Ryder joins in the action after watching from a distance. Pierce uses his oversized pierced and studded cock to fuck Andrews gaping hole into . Seeing Andrews get worked over got Ryder so hot that he walks right up and shoots his huge load before proceeding to shove his manly paws up Andrews willing ass.

      Wanting to take the action further, they move into the tack room where Jackson Lawless is occupying the sling, working his hole with a buttplug. Ryder and Andrews help him work up to bigger sizes in preparation for taking a fist, but he is not quite ready to go all the way, it seems. Will Andrews jumps into the sling to give him a demonstration of how its done.

      Meanwhile on the ranch, Rick Powers is sneaking away from his duties to work his hole with a giant square peg dildo. Squatting down on top of a tractor, takes this huge, multi-stage toy all the way when Bryce Pierce catches him in the act and decides to take charge of his hole. After giving him a good stretch with his oversized hand, he gets Cole Ryder to come over and continue working Powers manhole wide open. Having done some private coaching, Will Andrews joins in with Jackson Lawless in tow. As Lawless shows his topping skills on Andrews hot and eager ass, Bryce Pierce chucks an ear of corn and start literally corn-holing Cole Ryder before fucking him into a frenzy with his super-thick, metal-studded cock. Paul Stag hears the action from afar and decides to check it out. After learning of Lawless quest to stay on the ranch, he starts working him over with his skillful hands and massive 10-inch cock. All this action gets Rick Powers so worked up that he shoots his load on top of the tractor and immediately starts eating it. Lawless, being a true cum-pig, kisses him to suck the spooge out of his mouth. Cole Ryder soon has a monumental orgasm as Pierce keep fucking him relentlessly.

      Seeing that Lawless hole needs more coaxing to open up completely, Stag and Andrews take him into the barn where can put his legs high in the air. After masterfully popping his cherry, Stag continues to fuck Lawless senseless with his rock hard, uncut m0n5t3r cock. After shooting his hot load on his back, he licks it up and feeds it Lawless who swallows every drop of it. Before heading out to tell dy Bryce Pierce about the conquest, Stag makes sure to work over Will Andrews sloppy hole one more time and shows what saddles were really meant for.

      Format: MPEG
      Duration: 1:28:48
      Video: 720x480, MPEG-2, 2539kbps
      Audio: 125kbps

      File size: 1.1 GB

      Download Fisting Ranch Hands