Bruno Bernal and Sergi Rodriguez (FullHD)

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    • Bruno Bernal and Sergi Rodriguez (FullHD)

      planet-girl-gay wrote:

      Studio: Bull Pit

      Just in from a heavy workout at the gym, Latin studs Bruno and Sergi cool off in the kitchen and Bruno is instantly drawn to Sergis huge hairy legs. Loving whats at face-level, he cant help but compliment his bearded young gym buddy who takes all the words hes given! As Bruno strokes his thigh and down his calf, Bruno tests the water as he licks at Sergis trainer, excepting to be knocked back, but Sergi is intrigued and well up for it. Bruno takes his chance and opens up his trainer and takes a deep breath, breathing in the sweat of the day with Sergis foot still in there! Pushing as much of Sergis still socked foot into his mouth, Bruno is going crazy of the feeling of cotton and sweat and feet all mixing between his teeth as buff Sergi sits back and lets his kinky friend do what he loves. Laying on the floor, Bruno takes Sergi to a different levels, asking him to push his feet down onto him, over his face, lips, hairy chest and hard dick, trampling the young Latino with his sweaty feet and Sergi obviously loves this, jerking himself as he does Brunos bidding. Eager for some good old fashioned fucking too, Sergi works his dick into Bruno, their hairy chests and muscled bodies flexing and tightening on the table, their tattooed bodies heaving and rocking the place as they speed up, Bruno pushing back and Sergi ramming forward! Dumping their loads on the nearest trainer they can, this intense fuck-fest ends where it began, the trainers centre of attention, this time dripping in spunk from both hairy young fuckers!

      Format: mp4
      Duration: 18:44
      Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4890kbps
      Audio: 125kbps

      File size: 689.4 MB