Princess 69 Uncensored

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    • Princess 69 Uncensored

      planet-girl-anime wrote:

      Release Year: 2017

      Intrigued by the hot erotic potential of the Dark Rhythmic Gymnastics, the board chairman's grandd*ughter Shirakawa Tomomi agrees to help Nikusuke - a perverse and generally ill-liked physical education instructor - pick not ready ladies and schoolgirls to be their first students. Tomomi calls her team "the place where women compete by displaying their beauty and slutiness; a secret event that's even more extreme than your regular gymnastics event". The Gymnastics of Darkness provide infinite possibilities for erotic encounters, but these young ladies are forc*d to learn the meaning of excruciating pleasure through mind-melting physical and mental abuse, under Nikusuke's training (and Tomomi's assistance and influence). Their first of five eventual targets to kidnap is Haneoka Miku, a soft and innocent talented gymnast that shows a lot of "potential". In the long run, if only Tomomi was familiar with the concept of Karma. But by the time her and Nikusuke's "students" are conditioned and molded into "professionals" through an orgy of torture, will the damage be to severe to reverse? It may not end up as you'd think..

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