The Salacious Story of Hua yin

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    • The Salacious Story of Hua yin

      planet-girl-anime wrote:

      Release Year: 2016

      There are two huge nations in one continent.
      "Huayin" (Fine) of the principle of woman supremacy that empress, ** influences,
      "Positive authority" (Jan way) of the principle of Muscular supremacy that an emperor, bear king influences.
      Bear King to plot to make ** and women in a continent advocating continent unification Slave.
      The ambition of both conflicts; a big war is beginning Marumaru
      To beautiful woman military commanders proud of ability of the matching for a thousand anti-suruha, unique man military commanders
      Brave warrior 1 million to lead.
      Can woman military commanders survive the battlefield where military power, intellect, ingi are mixed and confused?
      Genre: JRPG, Fantasy, Harem, Striptease, Monsters, Anal, BDSM, Group, Oral, Blowjob, Footjob, Big tits
      Size: 2.99 GB
      Censorship: Is in a game
      Year of release: 2016
      Developer/publisher: Dieselmine
      Platform: PC/Windows
      Edition type: Original (license)
      Tablet: It isn't required
      Game language: Japanese
      Interface language: Japanese
      Postscoring language: Japanese

      File size: 3.0 GB